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100% Natural
Safe for all ages
Treats skin concerns
Free Shipping to West Malaysia for purchases above RM180
100% Natural
Safe for all ages
Treats skin concerns
Free Shipping to West Malaysia for purchases above RM180
100% Natural
Safe for all ages
Treats skin concerns
Free Shipping to West Malaysia for purchases above RM180

Unveiling the Timeless Beauty Secret of Aleppo Soap

Sensitive skin requires specialized care, and e’lioe Aleppo Soap holds the key to unlocking its secrets. Nestled in the heart of ancient Syria, Aleppo Soap has graced the bathing rituals of royalty and commoners alike for centuries. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve deep into the history, artisanal crafting process, and the versatile applications of this age-old beauty gem.


A Glimpse into History

Aleppo Soap, much more than a cleansing bar, is an embodiment of ancient beauty wisdom. Legend has it that even the illustrious Queen Cleopatra herself was captivated by its natural charm.

As we unwrap an e’lioe Aleppo Soap bar today, we are not merely holding a skincare product; we are embracing centuries of trusted beauty traditions. It's more than soap; it's a story.


The Art of Crafting e’lioe Aleppo Soap

The creation of Aleppo Soap is a laborious process steeped in history and tradition. In a symphony of expertise, skilled artisans combine olive oil, laurel berry oil, lye, and water, gently simmering this blend over three days to achieve a creamy, luxurious consistency. What sets Aleppo Soap apart is its commitment to quality, evident in the meticulous 9-month curing process. This extended period allows the soap to transform, gaining in richness, texture, and efficacy, making each bar a masterpiece of patience and natural alchemy. The result is a soap that not only cleanses and nourishes but also tells a tale of time-honoured craftsmanship and dedication to perfection.


Olive oil, celebrated since ancient times, is a skin's best friend. Laden with vitamins A, D, K, and E, it transcends mere moisturization. The presence of squalene enhances the skin's defences, offering antioxidant protection against harmful UV rays and promoting a youthful glow(1)(5). Additionally, its inherent antibacterial properties offer solace to those troubled by acne, making olive oil an enduring beacon for radiant, resilient skin(2).

Enter the star ingredient: Laurel berry oil. This botanical marvel is renowned for its remarkable antibacterial prowess, addressing a spectrum of skin concerns, from acne to more challenging conditions like eczema and psoriasis. However, its magic doesn't stop at the skin; it soothes aching joints and muscles and breathes life into dry scalps and brittle hair.

As this artisanal blend cools, it unveils an enchanting emerald hue. Once solidified, each slab is precisely hand-carved into individual blocks, each bearing the artisan's stamp – a seal of genuine craftsmanship.


Versatile Elegance: The Multifaceted Uses of e’lioe Aleppo Soap

e’lioe Aleppo Soap's versatility knows no bounds. Beyond its gentle cleansing properties, it offers a myriad of applications:

Daily Rituals: e’lioe Aleppo Soap, gentle in its touch, is perfect for daily face and body cleansing. Its ingredient list speaks of nature's simplicity and potency, ensuring minimal skin aggravation.

Hair Care: Look beyond the skin; e’lioe Aleppo Soap moonlights as a soothing shampoo, bringing relief to sensitive scalps.

Nourishing Masks: Blend e’lioe Aleppo Soap with water to craft a hydrating face mask, reinvigorating tired, sensitive skin.

Gentle Shaving: For many, shaving is a dreaded chore, fraught with potential irritation. e’lioe Aleppo Soap, however, doubles as a shaving cream, ensuring a smooth glide.


The soap for all skin type

Given its adaptability, individuals can choose a soap variant that matches their skin's needs. Aleppo soap is a universal treasure, suitable for individuals of all ages, from the elderly to the tender skin of infants. Dermatologists often herald its gentle formula, recommending it especially for those with sensitive skin.


1% For Normal to Sensitive Skin | 25% For Irritation-prone Skin | 40% For Troubled Skin

Choosing Your Aleppo Soap

Delving into the world of Aleppo soaps can seem daunting at first. With percentages ranging from 1% to 40%, it's natural to wonder which variant suits you best.

What do these intriguing percentages mean? Fundamentally, Aleppo soap is a beautiful fusion of olive and laurel berry oils. The olive oil envelops the skin with a velvety tenderness, while the laurel berry oil enriches it with resilience, a captivating aroma, and crucial skincare benefits. The specified percentage on each soap indicates the amount of laurel berry oil it contains. For example, a soap labeled 25% consists of 25% laurel berry oil, with the balance being olive oil. The higher the laurel content, the more potent its therapeutic attributes.

Now, the key question: which percentage resonates with your skin's desires? For those seeking gentle nourishment, soaps abundant in olive oil are a treat, softly embracing your skin. On the other hand, those with skin challenges like eczema or psoriasis might lean towards the high-percentage Aleppo soaps. Their richness in laurel berry oil, known for its anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic qualities, provides much-needed comfort and relief(3)(4).

Ultimately, finding your ideal Aleppo soap is a journey of understanding its rich blend and matching it to your skin's distinct needs.


e’lioe Aleppo Soap isn't just about daily cleansing; it's about immersing oneself in a legacy of beauty, honouring an age-old ritual that celebrates skin in all its glory. Experience this exquisite tradition and watch your skin flourish in its gentle embrace.



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